The Stahltronic Components

Perfect positioning:
The STAHLTRONIC POS1 positioning module

Do you want to position conveying equipment such as cranes, traversing carriages or lifting and lowering stations automatically? The STAHLTRONIC POS1 positioning module offers you a complete and compact solution. You only have to “tell” the POS1 to which position you want to send your conveying equipment and the POS1 independently steers the drive precisely into this position. The POS1 positioning module for rapid and creep speed drives facilitates the automatic positioning of conveying equipment.

The STAHLTRONIC WCS position encoding system or another absolute value encoder with SSI interface can be connected to the POS1 positioning module.

Programming and parametrisation are performed via user-friendly software under Windows. No special knowledge of programming is required.

The POS1 positioning module receives the travel command from and operating panel or a coordinating control. The POS1 then reports successful completion of the positioning operation. Comprehensive diagnosis and display functions guarantee speedy commissioning of your installation.

The standard 7-segment display keeps you well-informed at all times. The display will also show you if any problem should occur, e.g. if the position encoder should fail or the drive not moves when activated.

The algorithms integrated into the POS1 continuously optimise the positioning motion so that the conveying equipment always makes an ideal approach to its destination.

Programmable delay times for changing over the drive speeds ensure an optimum travel curve and at the same time prevent the drive being overloaded.

Advantages of the POS1

  • 127 programmable destination positions
  • self-optimisation for ideal approach to destination
  • 3 automatic modes for optimum adaptation to the customer’s application
  • can be parametrised for use on hoists
  • 3 programmable relay outputs for check-back signals and additional information
  • programmable software limit switches
  • integrated operating hours counter
  • extensive display of functions
  • large-format display can be connected
  • PC interface included as standard

Areas of application

  • The POS1 positioning module is used in all situations where conveying equipment or hoists need to be positioned automatically, e.g.:
  • positioning traversing carriages
  • positioning cranes
  • positioning overhead monorails and monorail trolleys
  • positioning lifts and lifting/lowering stations
  • cutting materials to length
  • displaying the travel path, the height of lift, or a floor
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